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Superga X CHULAAP SS15


This Summer, Superga brings you an exclusive and must-have collaboration designed by the acclaimed “Prince of Prints” Chu Suwannapha. Known for his vividly electric and African inspired style, Chu recently debuted CHULAAP, a universally acclaimed collection at this year’s SA Menswear Week. Thai born and Cape Town based Chu is the first South African designer to be asked to collaborate with the powerhouse brand. The collection will be available for purchase by international partners both in standalone stores & online.

Superga have always been at the forefront of design partnerships previously collaborating with acclaimed fashion houses Versace, Rodarte and Liberty of London.

Evident in his fusion of a multitude of African inspirations Chu Suwannapha brings years of fashion and design experience to the table, currently standing as Fashion Director of the Media 24 titles You, Huisgenoot & DRUM. You only have to check out his Instagram page (@ChuSuwannapha) which is curated with the aesthetic skill of a modern art gallery. Chu refers to his range as “AFRO POP”, referencing South African culture and street style; a range he has always hoped would add value to and inspire the creative industry. As the designer behind CHULAAP, Chu has managed to work with prints in a contemporary format while paying homage to their origin. Regularly spotted on best dressed lists and street style blogs, Chu is a fearless trend influencer. “The aim of the Superga collection is to celebrate Africa” explains Chu.

The Superga X CHULAAP collection offers three distinct and vibrant shoe designs. The classic 2750 featuring a colourful Ndebele print.  The 2790 monochromatic “AFRO POP” platform sneaker, a style that has proven a great success for the brand in past season returns with a CHULAAP flavour. The 2311 slip-on featuring an African wax origami print that is a nod to Chu’s Thai heritage and signature motif. The three shoe designs have a unique artistic, ethnic quality that will be a definite collector’s item for sneakerheads and fashion-lovers alike.

Classic 2750 Ndebele Print
Classic 2790 Afro Pop Flatform
2311 Slip On African Wax Origami Print

 “Chu is probably, in my opinion, one of South Africa’s most unique and inspired designers. I fell in love with his designs instantly, but more importantly how beautifully he puts it all together. He manages to create art in a single tailored shirt, pantsuit, backdrop and Instagram still. He sees the big picture when it comes to all things sleek, elegant, contrasting, bold and effortlessly chic. This mirrors what our team at Superga feel about fashion and where we aiming our growth as a brand.  I knew I wanted Superga to do something outstanding this summer that appeals to those willing to take a risk with their personal sense of style; designs that would not only resonate with South Africans but cause a stir with international fashion-watchers, too. When I first met with Chu, he mentioned that he wanted this collaboration to ‘celebrate Africa’. This is when I knew I wanted to work with him on this project, not only because ethnic prints could not be a bigger international trend on the runways at the moment but because this had the opportunity to highlight our wonderful continent, it’s unique approach to design and fashion and it’s undeniable vibrancy. Chu’s unparalleled talent is only matched by his good, kind nature – it was truly an honour to work with him." Katy Ward, Marketing Manager at Superga South Africa.

“I am a big fan of the Superga brand. Designing your own shoe collection is any designer’s biggest dream and I simply could not pass up an opportunity presented by Superga to collaborate. Their classic blank canvas allowed me the creative freedom to design a CHULAAP flavor Superga collection,”

The Superga X CHULAAP collection will be available at selected Superga Concept Stores starting from R950 – R1500
 For further retail information please contact: (011) 608 0023